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Article: Meet the Talent

Meet the Talent



Nakisha (@internetwire) is known for making vibrant murals, bags, lamp shades and more. She uses and re-purposes old Ethernet cables and creates from what would have been waste. (Not only) During our shoot, her bold use of colour transformed mundane concrete walls into vibrant canvases. 

Part of the campaign: Northern NSW based Kye D’Arcy ( The furniture-maker turns his visions into breathtaking works of art. His pieces range from sleek wooden forms to extraordinary structures. Kyes' craftsmanship inspires, fashion and art always front-of-mind.

Meet Northern Rivers-based tattoo artist, Ella (@getoffmylawn.11). Renowned for her unique style and creative, extraordinary approach to her work, she represents the the modern attributes of the brand. 

Introducing Melbourne-based tattoo virtuoso, Jason (@phat_doodles). With a keen eye for detail and storytelling through ink, he has a dedicated following in the vibrant scene.


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The Debut Campaign

The Debut Campaign

Hard Yakka Create is not only a brand. It’s a celebration of artistry in all its forms, enriching the brand's narrative in the process.

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