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Article: The Debut Campaign

The Debut Campaign


In the world of fashion, the intersection of creativity and functionality often defines the most compelling brands. Enter Hard Yakka Create, a dynamic fusion of high quality workwear and casual street style.

Hard Yakka’s legacy in crafting high-quality workwear has paved the way for Hard Yakka Create. We’ve infused our commitment to excellence into fashion essentials that honour legacy, innovation, and streetwear, all with an unmistakable Australiana twist.” - Steve Fontes, Head Designer. 

Beginning of this year, we embarked on an innovative collaboration, bringing together four creatives to infuse their unique artistry into the brand's identity.

Venturing into the heart of Mullumbimby’s industrial landscape, we set up for our first campaign shoot that would not only showcase the durable garments but also spotlight the ingenuity of creatives. Against the backdrop of gritty factories and urban architecture, the stage was set for a visually captivating exploration.

Hard Yakka Create is not only a brand. It’s a celebration of artistry in all its forms, enriching the brand's narrative in the process.

Beyond the creative collaborations lies a deeper message embedded within Hard Yakka Create's ethos, “We dig it” pays homage to our roots in traditional workwear while embracing contemporary flair and premium quality. We are redefining traditional workwear of iconic Australian heritage for the modern era.

In an age where conformity often reigns supreme, Hard Yakka Create dares to defy the status quo, embracing creativity as a driving force for change. Through our collaboration with creatives, we have not only reimagined the brand but have also sparked a conversation about the power of art.

Boundaries are meant to be pushed and creativity knows no limits. Hard Yakka Create stands as a beacon of inspiration, dressing all of you with attention to detail, style and durability.

Hard Yakka Create - Teaser Video

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Meet the Talent

Meet the Talent

Let us introduce Ella, Nakisha, Kye and Jason. Four creatives we had the honour of collaborating with for the Debut Collection.

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